RRS (Real Racing Simulation) is a sophisticated device truly simulating the real forces experienced by drivers during a car drive. The feelings of real acceleration, braking, weight transfer and leans in bends are achieved by elaborate movements.

The device is capable to simulate the G-forces of up to 2 G.

Software support is provided by PC games, focused on a realistic rendition of the physical models of the respective cars. Front- or rear-wheel drive or even four-wheel drive feels just as in the reality. The software is adjusted to precisely copy the data from the game and to project them into the movements of the device. The overall impression is ensured by 3 moving absorbers and a spinning base that can rotate in an angle of up to 180 degrees. The simulator can be programmed according to the driver`s demands from the child-play mode to the pro-driver mode, in which the reactions of the device are so sharp and fast that it is necessary to be belt up. 

The almost real experience is amplified by 3D screen technology which can drag you into the action and totally eliminate the external distracting impacts.